M-1 Helmet with type 1 Westinghouse liner

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McCord 'fixed bail' M-1 steel shell with type 1 Westinghouse liner. The steel shell has its original 11 row weave OD3 chinstraps with brass raised bar buckle. The heat stamp is 88B (the first 8 is a bit faint). The Westinghouse liner is a rare type 1 that features rayon suspension, rectangular washers and fixed leather chinstrap with square slide buckle, production 1942. The suspension is complete with rayon headband and neckband. What makes this liner exquisite is the fact the rectangular washers are made of brass. This was only done during the earliest production as soon after brass and aluminum was saved for the war production. The square slide buckle of the liner chinstrap is also made of brass with the corners being slightly rounded. Again an indication of early production. The chinstrap is a bit dry but holds well and should be fine if handled with care. There is a very small crack in the edge of the liner on the left side, close to the chinstrap holder. Both the steel shell and liner have their original paint.
A rectangular brass washer with steel rivet of this liner is presented in my M-1 Helmet book (page 64 of the 2010 Schiffer Edition).
Early production helmet sets in good shape and 100% original are becoming exceedingly hard to find. Especially those with brass washers are rare as hen's teeth! This helmet is such a gem and it will make a great addition to a collection. Plus a detail of the liner is featured in a book! The helmet has been in my collection for a long time but its time for a new home. View the many photos.

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