M-1 helmet & Westinghouse liner

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McCord'fixed bail' steel shell with Westinghouse liner. The helmet is 100% original, nothing added, nothing replaced. The Westinghouse liner is of the earliest production (mid 1942) with rayon suspension, rectangular steel washers and fixed leather chinstrap with square slide buckle. It has a smooth dark green exterior finish. Although the helmet has slight traces of being 75 years old and storage it was not used and is virtually mint. The steel shell still bears traces of the waffle-board it was packaged in when shipped and the clip of the long chinstrap is still in its factory placed position. Also the parkerization is still fully present on the brass raised bar buckle and J hook. The leather liner chinstrap can be placed over the rim of the helmet but it is obvious it never sat in that position permanently. To find a fixed bail M-1 helmet this nice and especially with an early production Westinghouse liner in superb condition is rare. View the many photos. This is a helmet from the M-1helmet.com collection.

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