M-1 Helmet with type 5 Inland liner

M-1 Helmet with type 5 Inland liner

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McCord 'fixed bail' M-1 steel shell with type 5 Inland liner. The Inland liner features cotton suspension with six sets of snaps to take the early rayon headband, steel A washers and early type leather chinstrap with green coated flat lever buckle. The headband and neckband are also of the cotton type. The headband has an additional safety pin to the tail end to keep it in place.
This is a true combat vet that saw action! The helmet is dirty and well worn. Of special interest is the fact both bails have reenforcing brazing. This is very uncommon for standard fixed bail steel shells. The chinstraps were replaced by 11 row weave OD7 straps and cruedly sewn to the bails. The brazing and the way the chinstraps were sewn is strikingly similar to the way paratrooper helmets were repaired and may indicate this helmet was actually used by a glider trooper. Also the steel shell has been repainted with a dark OD shade inside and out. Glider helmets with a similar repaint were found in Holland. The heat stamp in the steel shell is no longer visible due to the repaint. In addition there is a late war T1 quick release devise added to the chinstraps. The front of the liner once had a piece of tape with a name. The tape has fallen off but the print of the name is still faintly visible. Another small piece of tape was on the inside of the liner.
This interesting helmet is featured in my M-1 Helmet book (pages 316-317of the 2007 Limited Edition and pages 332-333 of the 2010 Schiffer Edition). If you look for a true combat vet with a possible airborne connection this is it. Plus it is featured in a book! The helmet has been in my collection for a long time but it is time for a new home. View the many photos.

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