Combat boots with hobnails, size 9½ D

Combat boots with hobnails, size 9½ D

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Aka 'buckle boots' introduced in 1943. These are actually the first type of combat boots produced. They are februari 1943 (!) dated in the shoe sections. The boots have toe caps and reenforcing rivets below the eyelet sections. The cuffs do not have canvas lining jet (they are smooth leather lined) and the straps have only five holes (later seven). The buckles are of the early rounded wire type. There are also only five eyelets for the laces (later seven). Note that these are factory produced combat boots with long tongues and not modified low boots with cuffs added. What makes these combat boots super rare is the fact the have leather soles with hobnails and steel trims on the heels. The toes also have a piece of steel. During the development of the new M-43 uniform the army tried various types of combat boots. This hobnailed version is one of these variations. These boots can be seen in Shelby Stanton's book on uniforms, the chapter of the M-43 uniform in its experimental stage (see additional photos).
The boot are complete with their cotton laces. The cuff of the left boot has some rodent damage on the inside, but it is minor and can't be seen from the outside. The stitching of the leather layers of the cuff is also partially loose but again it is only minor. Original factory made combat boots with hobnails are extremely rare and missing from about all collections. This is your change to obtain a pair and its likely you will never see another pair for sale. This pair has been in my collection for a long time but it is time for a new home.

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