Helmet net, Shrimp type

Helmet net, Shrimp type

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Woven net with small size holes that was most likely made from a large net in a combat area. It is complete with its drawstring. There are some holes in the net which only add to the character. Discoloration indicate it has been on a helmet for a long time while being exposed to the elements. The net will look super cool on a helmet and is perfect for display. An original shrimp net is very hard to find. They can be seen on many photos on the helmets of US GI's.
Also see the excellent article on the 90th Infantry Division Preservation group website http://www.90thidpg.us/Research/Original/ShrimpNet/index.html
This net has been in my collection for a long time but its time for a new home. Please note, the helmet does not come with the net (do I really have to mention this?).

This is an item from the M-1Helmet.com collection.

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