Schlueter M-1 fixed bail steel shell 'War Reject'

Schlueter M-1 fixed bail steel shell 'War Reject'

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Schlueter 'fixed bail' M-1 steel shell. It has its original 11 row weave OD3 chinstraps with black oxidized brass buckle. The heat stamp is 199 with the additional S. The steel shell was not used and still has most of its textured finish. What makes this steel shell very interesting is the 'War Reject' stamp on the inside at the heatstamp. This has to do with the small crack in the brim. Schlueter had great difficulty with the production and many steel shells were rejected (wartime documents about this exist). Examples of these steel shells are very hard to find today. This one has been in my collection for a long time but its time for a new home. View the many photos.

This is a helmet from the collection.

€ 475.00