Webbing paratrooper chinstrap - A

Webbing paratrooper chinstrap - A

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This is a rare 'transitional' fabric chincup with 4 zinc alloy eyelets. It came right after the first type fabric chinstrap with 5 eyelets and led up to the final OD3 version with 4 brass eyelets of the M-1C jump helmet. The fabric is of a yellowish shade and it has US stamped on the center of the base strap. The chin support is attached to the base strap with bar tacks. The ends of the fabric meet under an eyelet (as shown in pink on the drawing). This proved unsatisfactory as the faric still unravelled, as seen on this example. This was later corrected with a bar tack between the eyelets. It is described on page 31 of Michel DeTrez's book on American Paratrooper Helmets. Although the drawings show brass eyelets these transitional fabric chincups still had zinc alloy eyelets like the first type. Transitional fabric paratrooper chinstraps are hard to find! Insured package shipping is mandatory for this item.

This paratrooper chinstrap comes from the M-1 Helmet.com collection stock.

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