M-1 Helmet with St Clair liner, triangle marked

M-1 Helmet with St Clair liner, triangle marked

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McCord 'fixed bail' M-1 steel shell with high pressure plastic Inland liner. The steel shell has its original 11 row weave OD3 chinstraps with raised bar brass buckle. The heat stamp is 69C. The steel shell is marked on the rear with a yellow triangle with an arrow pointing to the right above it. Also there is a handwritten M in the triangle. The significance of this marking is currently unknown.
The St Clair liner is a type 1. It features smooth exterior paint, rayon suspension with rectangular washers and fixed chinstrap with square slide buckle. The chinstrap is a bit fragile but at least it is present! The liner is marked in the dome with the yellow SC in a box. Due to tension the suspension broke at the front washer.
This helmet is featured with its twin in my M-1 Helmet book (pages 290 - 291 of the 2007 Limited Edition and pages of 306 - 307 the 2010 Schiffer Edition). It is in good condition. Fixed bail helmets with painted markings are very hard to find. This gem will be a top piece in any collection. Plus it is featured in a book!

This is a helmet from the M-1Helmet.com collection.

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