Hood Rubber company liner

Hood Rubber company liner

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Hard to find Hood Rubber company liner in very good condition and all complete. It has the typical reenforcing disc with silver HR in the crown and features cotton suspension, cotton headband and neckband and early type leather chinstrap with green coated steel flat lever buckle. It also has green coated A washers which is uncommon for a Hood Rubber company liners as most have unpainted steel A washers. This was most likely the last batch of the 1943 contract. The liner also has it original textured finish, which is a bit flaking along the edge but nothing serious (many HR liner are repainted). The liner has a small crack and the number 33 stencilled on in back. Under the brim is faint "Tweety" in red.
This liner is featured in my M-1 Helmet book (pages 190 and 199 of the 2007 Limited Edition and pages of 200 and 209 the 2010 Schiffer Edition). It is a nice pice for the collection plus it is featured in a book!

This is a liner from the M-1Helmet.com collection.

€ 595.00