Combat boots, size 8½ E

Combat boots, size 8½ E

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Aka 'buckle boots' introduced in 1943. These are actually service boots (size 8½ E) that have cuffs (size marked 8 E) added to them. The smooth leather service boots have toecaps and rubber soles and heels. They are complete with their original steel tipped cotton laces. The maker's mark is present but too faint to read. The modification of service boots to buckle boots was quite common to get rid of the cumbersome leggings when buckle boots were not yet in full supply. This type is however missing from most collections. The boots show use and a small part on the inside of one cuff met with a rodent. But overall the boots are very nice for display. This representative pair has been in my collection for a long time but its time for a new home.

These are boots from the collection.

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