Service boots with hobnails, size 10D

Service boots with hobnails, size 10D

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Type 1, smooth leather service boots with hobnails in very good condition. These are the type that have hobnails on the soles and heels (as opposed to the version with the steel rimmed). The boots have the original cotton steel tipped laces. There are no visible markings on the inside. This pair was in my collection for a long time but its time for a new home. They are of a good size also. Hobnailed boots are very hard to find, especially the all nail version, and are missing from most collections. This is your chance to grab a pair. And yes, these were also worn in the ETO. Also see the last two photos from the Quartermaster Supply Catalog of 1943 were this type of boots is shown.

These boots are from the collection.

€ 600.00