M-1 helmet & Westinghouse liner

M-1 helmet & Westinghouse liner

Quick Overview

Schlueter 'fixed bail' steel shell with high pressure plastic Westinghouse liner. The steel shell has heatstamp stamp 57A S and 11 row weave OD3 shade chinstraps with raised bar brass buckle.
The Westinghouse is a rare type 3 'transitional' liner featuring rayon suspension, steel A washers and leather chinstrap with flat lever buckle. It is complete with a cotton headband and neckband (which were often installed in early type rayon suspension liners). The liner has some tarnish on the outside which is likely because it was in the steel shell for so long. It can probably be wiped off if desired. What is nice is the fact the helmet has the stenciled laundry mark W4862 in the steel shell and liner and on the neckband. This makes it evident the helmet is as issued during WWII.
An M-1 helmet with its original type 3 transitional liner is very difficult to find. This example is 100% original, nothing added, nothing replaced. It will make a top piece in any collection. View the many photos.

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