M-1 helmet & Firestone liner, 1st Lieutenant ID-ed

M-1 helmet & Firestone liner, 1st Lieutenant ID-ed

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McCord'fixed bail' steel shell with high pressure plastic Firestone liner. The heatstamp in the steel shell is a bit hard to read but seems to be 95 B. It has 11 row weave OD3 shade chinstraps with brass raised bar buckle. The steel shell has 1st Lieutenant bar soldered to the front. It shows a lot wear and has a soap residue on the inside. The exterior has a thin layer of repaint which is nearly invisible. It can be seen when the chinstrap over the rear is moved.
The Firetone liner was made on an Inland mold. It had green coated steel A washers and a leather chinstrap with green coated roller buckle.
The helmet is ID-ed to Lieutenant Jack LaPietra, ASN O-580905, who served in the ETO with the 9th Air Force, 312th Fighter Squadron. His name and ASN are written on the headband of the liner and his name is also on the long chinstrap of the steel shell. LaPietra saw the concentration camp Buchenwald. His story is in the book Flares of Memory. The books and two copies of wartime photos come with the book. One photo shows LaPietra wearing his helmet.
Officer's helmets with soldered rank insignia are very hard to find. This is a nice example and ID-ed to boot. It will make a great addition to any collection. View the many photos.

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