M-1 helmet & St Clair liner, 1st Lieutenant ID-ed

M-1 helmet & St Clair liner, 1st Lieutenant ID-ed

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McCord'fixed bail' steel shell with a low pressure St Clair liner. The steel shell has heatstamp 160B (?) and 11 row weave OD3 shade chinstraps with brass raised bar buckle. The steel shell has tape residue of the 1st Lieutenant bar on the front. Under that some yellow is visible, most likely from a previous 2nd Lieutenant bar.
The St Clair liner is a type 10 with cotton suspension and steel A washers. The common yellow SC stamp is not visible, it may be worn or way or covered with dirt. Of interest is the fact the officer replaced the standard headband with the suspension with chinstrap of a safety helmet (see photo 22 of safety helmet). On the front of the liner is a 1st Lieutenant bar of tape. Both the steel shell and liner have the name Brumbaugh stencilled on the back.
With the helmet are a registration certificate, a notice of classification and a plate of a bracelet. These have the name Russell P. Brumbaugh. The photo shows Lt Brumbaugh on his motorcycle. The liner he is wearing shows the large gold plated buckle that is on the chinstrap which is part of the added suspension. This indicates Brumbaugh is wearing this actual liner on the photo! It seems the steel shell is on the back carrier of the bike.
This is a great and unique early war M-1 helmet with research potential. It is 100% original, nothing added, nothing replaced. View the many photos.

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