M-1 helmet & Inland liner, Major

M-1 helmet & Inland liner, Major

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McCord 'fixed bail' steel shell with Inland high pressure plastic liner. The steel shell seem to have heatstamp 57?A and has 11 row weave OD3 shade chinstraps with raised bar brass buckle.
The Inland liner is a rare type 5 featuring cotton suspension with double snaps to take the early type rayon headband.The fact this liner actually has these rayon parts is quite uncommon. In most cases cotton parts were installed. The original leather chinstrap with green coated flat lever buckle of this liner was broken and incomplete. It was replaced with a correct type.
This helmet highlights the career of an officer. A 2nd Lieutenant bar is still pinned to the short strap, the painted Captain's bars were painted over and a Major's leaf was attached to the front with a bolt. The green overpaint that covered the Captain's bars is also present on the inside front half of the steel shell (this obscured the heatstamp slightly). This helmet is presented in my Limited Edition 2007 M-1 Helmet book on pages 302 and 303 (see last photo) and in the 2010 Schiffer Edition on pages 318 and 318.
Original officer's helmets, especially with attached rank devices, are very hard to find. This is a nice example with rare liner and presented in a book to boot! View the many photos.

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