M-1 helmet & St Clair liner, 1st Lieutenant

M-1 helmet & St Clair liner, 1st Lieutenant

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Schlueter 'fixed bail' steel shell with St Clair liner and unit guidon. The helmet is 100% original, nothing added, nothing replaced. This type of St Clair liner (type 10) has textured exterior paint, cotton suspension and steel A washers. The leather chinstrap has the green coated buckle with straight lever buckle. Both the steel shell and liner are adorned with a very nice 1st Lieutenant bar that was painted with three colors creating a 3D effect. Both parts and the suspension are also marked with matching laundry mark. The steel shell has a layer of repaint and it is evident the helmet saw plenty action. It came with an original HQ/124th Field Artillery Battalion guidon which has the QM tag. The 124th FAB (155mm) was part of the 33rd Division. The laundry mark and unit guidon give this helmet much research potential. In all a very nice and all complete helmet. View the many photos.
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