M-1 helmet 39 Rec. Sta. marked

M-1 helmet 39 Rec. Sta. marked

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McCord 'fixed bail' steel shell. It has its original 11 row weave OD3 chinstraps with early type cast brass buckle. The heat stamp is 51B. The steel shell is interestingly marked 39 Rec. Sta. (Receiving Station) which was stencil spray painted in silver on the front and rec.sta. in black on the back. Other helmets with similar markings were found (see last two photos). Original marked helmets are hard to find. This is a nice early production steel shell in very good condition. It will make a great addition to the collection. This steel shell was in my collection since long but its time for a new home. View the many photos.

This is a helmet from the M-1Helmet.com collection.

€ 425.00