M-1 helmet & Hawley fibre liner, 21 Rec. Sta.

M-1 helmet & Hawley fibre liner, 21 Rec. Sta.

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McCord'fixed bail' steel shell with Hawley fibre liner. The helmet is 100% original, nothing added, nothing replaced. The Hawley liner was produced during early 1942 and has rayon suspension, rectangular aluminum washers and fixed leather chinstrap with brass square slide buckle. The use of aluminum and brass in the liner indicate this was one of the earliest production. These materials were shortly after replaced by steel. The helmet is interestingly marked 21 Rec. Sta. (Receiving Station). This is a for a First Aid post were the wounded were brought. Other helmets with these markings were found (see last two photos). There are also markings stamped in the visor of the steel shell. This may all be further researched. Original marked helmets especially with an early production fibre liner are hard to find. This is a nice and all complete helmet is excellent condition. View the many photos.

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