M-1 helmet & Westinghouse camouflage liner

M-1 helmet & Westinghouse camouflage liner

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McCord 'fixed bail' steel shell with Westinghouse camouflage liner. The helmet is 100% original, nothing added, nothing replaced. The steel shell has a a chalk mark D/8 on the front. The colors of the camouflage liner are very vibrant because it was protected by the steel shell. The marks in the steel shell and on the liner leave no doubt this is an original set. This camouflage liner is featured in my M-1 Helmet book. The steel shell and liner can be seen on the back cover (see last two photos). Westinghouse factory camouflaged liners are hard to find, especially this nice and complete. This is your change to own a choice example with its steel shell and featured in a book to boot. This is a helmet from the M-1helmet.com collection.

€ 1,395.00